I call them Inter~Dimensional Angels ~

I first started noticing ORBs in early 2000 and then more so after 2004. They really started making themselves known to me out-loud in Colorado from 2005 thru 2007. When I arrived to live in Sedona after visiting here over a 15 year period … it seemed as if the ORBs threw me a homecoming party!


TOURS to film ORBs are available! Orb photography is the most fun! Dusk & Dawn are the favorite times for orbs and angels, as well my night tours!

*Cosmic Portal Guests get a special Tour Rate package and can film them at night off the deck!!! Orb photography is real!

I was thrilled to film my 1st Fairy!
I now know where Tinkerbelle came from. She is real!!!

Personal Notes on ORBs

I was thrilled to see and feel orbs around me, especially here in Sedona, Arizona. I looked on the Internet and although the regular ORBs were universal ~ the grand variety I was presented with has me perpetually fascinated. I have not yet seen this variety anywhere! It has me so inspired I have been researching it daily. I have thousands of ORB in photographs I took this past year. I am writing a book about orb phenomena and orb photography.


Filmmaker Paul Davids (“Roswell”, “Jesus in India”) told me of a film about the lights and put me in touch with Frank Longo. This filmmaker recently won an award in the Film fest for his film “Capturing the Light.” It's a fascinating DVD. It's about an 80+ yr old woman who filmed the lights (before digital cameras' orbs) for 30 yrs! Yet, none of the ORBs I film are in this film.

I find them to be loving and peaceful and curious and responsive to us humans. They love children and animals and there are soooo many varieties. I found that the spirit beings are also elementals. Fairies and the like. Also creatures I cannot even name. All a wonderful experience.

I never once felt threatened of any dark forces in what I call forth. I can sense them before I take the pictures and can aim and shoot and there they are! Also I learned to see them physically as is evidenced by some of the pictures with my hands seemingly holding them. However, the orbs were quite a bit larger than they appear in the photos.

My research into orbs and orb photography is on-going as there is so much to know and I am getting more information daily! My upcoming books shall reveal my research results and more!

The ORB TOURS include instruction on how to call the orbs, and film them. I provide an additional CD of your ORBs that come when we do the meditation and breath work to call them in!

*Please call or e-mail for any additional questions, rates or scheduling Tours.


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